How To Jump Start a Car?

If you take proper care of your car, you may not need to do jumpstart a vehicle for years. But it’s important to know how to jump-start a car in case of an emergency.

Jump-starting a car battery is a basic skill that every driver needs to know. It’s not something that’s done regularly and never at a convenient time, but with some knowledge and by following a few simple steps, it doesn’t take long to jump-start a car.

You can be back on the road in a matter of minutes. To jump-start a car, you need jumper cables, also known as booster cables, to connect the dead battery in your car to a fully charged battery in another vehicle. It’s a great idea to keep a good set of cables along with other roadside emergency equipment in the trunk of your car.

Read on to learn how to jump-start a car by following these simple steps.

How To Jump Start a Car?

Follow this step-by-step guide for using jumper cables safely.

#1. Park.

Park both cars close to each other without touching. Make sure both vehicles are completely off and the parking brake is engaged.

#2. Prep.

Open both hoods and locate the batteries. Remove the plastic hood if needed. Find the positive and negative battery terminals.

The positive terminal will be marked with a plus sign (+) and the negative terminal will be marked with a minus sign (-). If there is no symbol indicator, the positive terminal will be connected with a red cable and the negative terminal will be connected with a black cable. Make sure they are free of corrosion.

Make sure the jumper cables are unwound and untangled.

#3. Attach.

First, Hook the RED clamp to the positive terminal (+) of the dead battery. Next, attach the RED clamp from the other end of the cables to the working battery’s positive terminal (+). Then, attach the BLACK clamp to the negative terminal (–) of the working battery.

Last, attach the BLACK clamp to an unpainted metal part on the engine, such as a bolt or bracket, of the car with the DEAD battery. Some models have a grounding bolt marked with a (–) placed solely for this purpose.

#4. Start ‘er up.

Start the working car and let it run for 2 minutes. Start the dead car and allow it to run for 2 minutes so it can recharge.

#5. Remove.

Remove the cables in the reverse order they were attached (i.e., black/your car, black/good car, red/good car, red/your car)

#6. Let ‘er run.

Let the jump-started car engine run for several minutes at least or drive for at least 20 minutes to allow the alternator to charge the jumped battery.

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What if the car doesn’t start after the jump start?

If the dead car doesn’t start after a few minutes of being powered then:

  1. Do you hear a clicking noise? Your starter might be malfunctioning.
  2. Does your electrical system still turn on? You might have an issue with the ignition switch, battery, starter, or fuse.
  3. Check the connections and repeat letting the car give the jump run.
  4. Try starting the car again.
  5. If the car does not start after several attempts, the battery may be too far gone to be jump-started.


How to Jump-start a car without jumper cables?

Without cables – the bump start (only works for manual cars). Turn on the ignition. Have your friends start pushing the car, or let off the brakes if you’re on a hill. Once you’re moving at a fast walking pace, bring up the clutch quickly and the engine will start.

How long does it take to Jump-Start a Car?

If you’re going to jump-start your car by yourself, you can expect the process to take about 10-15 minutes. If you have a professional jump-start your car, then it might take a little less time.

Can you jump-start a car with a bad starter?

Most of the time, NO, you can’t jumpstart a car with a bad starter unless you repair it. When the battery is dead, jumper wires or boosters are employed. You use a second battery to provide the necessary electricity to start the car.

Can You Jumpstart a Car With a Bad Alternator?

It is possible in some cases to jumpstart a vehicle that has a faulty alternator, as long as the battery has enough charge to keep running. However, the alternator should be replaced as soon as possible.